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In just under a month, athletes will gather beneath the coliseum lights inside the S.H.A.C. at North Dakota State University for the 2023 Able Games. From RX and Scaled Teams to Adult Co-Ability pairs, the premise of the weekend is to celebrate all athletes working towards the same goal in tandem with their competition. From event to event, one heat to the next, the thing to watch for is inclusion. Not in words alone, but in real-time action.

Whether you’re considering signing up to compete or volunteer, we plan to share stories of folks who have already determined where they plan to experience the magic of competition weekend.

Up first, is Petra’s.

A Community that Sweats

Like many folks, Petra enjoys the social outlet of belonging to a fitness community. It is no secret that spending hours each week with the same group of people, enduring challenges of strength and skill, creates a powerful sense of connection. Whether your gym’s name boasts of the wider city and culture you inhabit or is the namesake of a larger brand, each time you show up, you participate in a community that makes you and those around you better, stronger, and fitter.

Fitness Is Fun!

For Petra and her teammate, the social aspect of competing keeps them coming back for more. “I’m most excited about meeting other teams! I love the social aspect of competition and that everyone is there to cheer each other on! By default, I’m excited to see the progress my husband and I have made since the Fire and Ice competition!” And, it’s true—competition is about more than winning and losing, or success and failure. While these details are often top of mind when considering participating in a competition, it’s important to remember the other added benefits.

At Able Games, you’ll have plenty of chances to head off against yourself or your previous benchmarks. But, there will also be so many unforgettable moments to cheer for your competitors and experience them cheering for you, too. Even if it’s your first time out on the competition floor, the way our community shows up and rallies around every athlete will be a strong force against whatever fear or nervousness you might feel leading up to Game Day.

Making Space and Moves

When asked about the notion of participating in an inclusive fitness competition, Petra shared her excitement to be a part of an event that is not only rewarding in the context of her fitness journey but also enriching to many others. “Being a part of an inclusive fitness competition is absolutely incredible. Everybody should be able to feel a sense of accomplishment after working hard at something! No individual should feel left out of something they love!!!” Able Games seeks to bring fitness together with inclusion by focusing on what people can do. The result is as much fun as it is revolutionary.

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned competitor, there’s a place for you on the floor. More than a place, there’s an entire community eager to watch you push yourself, test your limits, and achieve more than you perhaps thought you could.

If you’re like Petra and enjoy high-skill gymnastics, or barbell and weighted implements are more your jam, the workouts are designed with fitness-level appropriate movements. You’ll work in tandem with your teammate to hustle, strategize, pivot, and rise to the occasion across varied time and physical domains. There really will be something for every athlete!

Best of all, the team that wins in each division, wins big. More on the prize purse here.

Let’s Go!

If you are still on the fence about competing, what do you really have to lose? At best, you have fun and content for incredible prizes! Or, you learn much about yourself and still have fun with your gym buddy. If your comfort zone is holding you back, consider flipping your perspective and watching what happens next. We promise—putting yourself out there often ushers in the greatest discoveries.

When you’re ready to rock and roll, register to compete here. Let’s go!