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Connor McGovern, Fargo native and New York Jets Center, is using his athletic knowledge and love of working out to change the lives of kids in his community, state and beyond.

Together, TNT Kid’s Fitness (TNT), Fargo, ND, is bringing its mission to life: Unlocking Potential Through Movement by funding the development of an all-inclusive physical education curriculum available for schools for grade 7-12.

Sparked by the NFL’s Play 60 Initiative, McGovern wanted to find a way to extend the opportunity of exercise and play to kids of all abilities. Connor will be joined by his NFL friends, Ben Ellefson, Brandon Zylstra, Evan Boehm, and Matt Paradis!

It’s recommended all children engage in 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. The ABLE Physical Education (P.E.) is a 10-week State Standard-Aligned curriculum created and designed by TNT to support an inclusive P.E. class in any school.

ABLE P.E. gives all kids the opportunity to be active alongside their peers!

Students who choose to participate in an inclusive P.E. class can be a peer that’s paired with a student with special needs. Together they will attend ABLE P.E. and specifically work on getting to know each other, work out together, and prepare to compete in ABLE Games!

Schools participating in ABLE To Move include Central Cass, Fairmount, Fergus Falls, Lisbon, Northern Cass, Richland 44, South Valley, West Fargo, Williston, and Wyndmere.

Have your school partner with TNT Kid’s Fitness and adopt ABLE Physical Education into your school day.

ABLE Physical Education – its true vision is to change the trajectory of public school physical education (P.E.). Providing an elective, ABLE P.E., will provide all children an opportunity to be active side by side with their peers! Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world,” Joel A. Barker.

It takes courage to be BOLD; it just takes one person to start a movement of change!

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