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In 9 weeks, the 2023 Able Games will take form at the SHAC in Fargo, North Dakota, from March 31-April 01. You ready?!

Leading up to the weekend of the games, the aim of this blog will be to highlight different people, breakout stories from years prior, and key perspectives that help define the spirit of inclusivity celebrated each year at the Able Games. Before we share more on these topics, we wanted to address commonly posed questions about the event itself.

Commonly Asked Questions

To help you imagine yourself competing at Able Games, we’ll explain how we think about the event. The concept is more familiar to you than you might realize, promise!

What are the Able Games?

In short, the Able Games is a fitness competition for every kind of athlete. From seasoned competitors to those passionate about leading an active life, the weekend showcases all athletes. Read more about our origin story.

How does it work?

Able Games operates like most functional fitness competitions. Athlete pairs select into a division and take on the workouts together. Notably, in any given heat, Able Games positions a mixed slate of athletes from every division on the floor at once, modeling inclusivity in real time. Whether you plan to rock it RX or work alongside an adaptive athlete, each team is working toward one goal. Rally together, cheer on your neighbors, and give it all you’ve got.

There are also generous prizes for the podium-finishing teams in each division. Check back for more information about the prize purse!

What are the divisions like?

The Able Games offers athletes of all fitness levels and skill a place to compete alongside each other. Divisions are organized in the following manner:

  • Adult RX—for seasoned athletes accustomed to fitness competitions, performing workouts at a high level, and comfortable with prescribed movement standards including barbell loads and gymnastics.
  • Adult Scaled—for athletes with limited CrossFit experience or who are just starting out. Overall knowledge and comfortability with CrossFit movements suggested.
  • Adult Novice—for athletes passionate about functional fitness or general health. No CrossFit knowledge or experience is required.
  • Adult Co-Ability—let Able Games partner you up with an adaptive athlete to complete your team. Together, you’ll take on variations of the workouts in tandem with the rest of the field of competitors in an epic test of heart and fitness.
  • Student Co-Ability—similar to the Adult Division, only intended for student-athlete.

For more information on the divisions, visit the event page in Competition Corner.

What do the workouts entail?

We can’t divulge too many details. But, you can expect expertly programmed events that test your fitness, teamwork, and heart. Oh, and they are fun, too!

Final Thoughts

What did we say?! Able Games is like a partner fitness competition. But it’s also so much more.

If you want to experience, firsthand, what inclusive competition feels like, find a friend and book your trip to Fargo! We believe to fully realize inclusivity, it takes all athletes. In other words, your presence is not only needed, but it’s also incredibly valued.

Let’s make year 3 the best yet! Will we see you there? 🏆