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Volunteer Opportunities


Experience a life-changing weekend of connection, inspiration and celebration. Become an ABLE Games volunteer! As a volunteer, you will support teams of athletes showcasing their competitive skills and abilities. Work with first-time competitors to experienced RX champions! Volunteers keep our event running smoothly. Sign up now!


You will help your Head Staff make sure the floor is set-up for each event accurately and according to the weight and equipment breakdown guide. You could be asked to be part of the cleaning crew. As cleaning crew, you will need to wipe down bars, rigs, and all equipment that is dirty or full of chalk.


Assist with the co-ability athletes. Ensuring they are on the competition floor when needed and with their competition partner.


Our sport requires judges with integrity, accuracy and consistency — experience isn’t necessary. As an ABLE Games judge, you will be asked to count repetitions, adhere to programmed movement standards and validate finish times and performances. Guidance and training are provided beforehand. You may also be asked to fulfill some additional duties as needed.


Keep competitors and spectators informed by assisting in the scoring process. As a scoring volunteer you run information to scoring table administrators from the judges, and it’s recorded and posted. In this role, you need to be a good communicator and wear your running shoes because you’ll be on the move!


You will work closely with Director of Volunteers & Athletes on any special assignments throughout the competition weekend. These assignments include, but are not limited to, equipment adjustments and transfers, assisting as an equipment crew member in a specific area, transferring food and water to proper locations, etc…  This volunteer may also help with registration, admission, and hospitality sides of the event. This position allows you to see all aspects of the competition, the venue, and the floor, so you will be everywhere!

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