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Able Games

Able Games is the region’s first all-inclusive function fitness competition, celebrating all abilities, from the highly skilled athlete to individuals with special needs.

How We Got Started

Connor McGovern, Champion for ABLE™


From a small-town North Dakota boy to a prominent NFL player, Connor McGovern, NFL Center and Fargo Native’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. His involvement with TNT Kid’s Fitness & ABLE™ is a testament to his commitment to giving back to the community.


Connor’s connection with TNT & ABLE™ began when Kim Pladson, TNT President and CEO and long time family friend of Connor’s, reached out to him. TNT is a unique gymnastics and fitness center supporting children of all abilities to unlock potential through movement.


Promoting Inclusivity through Physical Activity:

Physical activity and competition have always been defining elements of Connor’s life. Therefore, he felt a profound desire to extend this opportunity to a broader demographic.


“I couldn’t imagine a life without physical activity, so I want to make sure everybody has that opportunity,” said Connor. “The thrill of competing, working tirelessly toward a goal, and ultimately achieving it is an experience like no other.”


One of Connor’s motivation to make a difference in this space was further fueled by a personal connection Mitch Morse, his college teammate and Buffalo Bills Center. Mitch’s brother is involved with the Special Olympics of Missouri. Connor attended a Special Olympics weightlifting competition there and witnessed an awe-inspiring moment that left an mark on him, a non-verbal participant bench-pressing an astounding 315 pounds. This encounter changed the course of his life, compelling him to delve deeper into giving others similar opportunities.


Kim first introduced TNT’s special needs competition to Connor, sparking a conversation that initiated the concept of the ABLE Games. Which led to  interest from the local public schools who in turn asked TNT to develop a physical education class to allow for this opportunity year round.


The ABLE Games continues to experience growth, and this success paved the way for an additional initiative known as ABLE in School. Several schools in North Dakota have adopted this program, which operates as a physical education credit. It pairs students with special needs and their peers in inclusive peer to peer workouts. Many of these students then go on to compete in the ABLE Games.


Expanding Horizons: ABLE In School and Beyond

Connor and Kim’s vision extends beyond the Midwest, as they actively work to bring the ABLE Games and ABLE In School to the East Coast and beyond. The goal is to make ABLE accessible to as many individuals and schools as possible, emphasizing empowerment and inclusion.  Learn more about ABLE In School


Connor McGovern is not just an NFL football star; he’s a champion for inclusivity and empowerment. Working to leave a mark on his hometown, state, and throughout the country.


“I don’t want to just be a football player. I want to impact people’s lives for the positive.”

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