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Part of the greatness of sport is its universality.

Despite whatever apparent barriers might separate people, the exchange that occurs when people come together through shared participation, teamwork, and healthy competition is unforgettable. Maybe it’s the result of competitors wanting to give 100% effort in pursuit of a desired outcome. Or, perhaps it’s something else altogether, like hearing the roar from a cheering crowd rallying behind a single person to keep going. Those who know, know. It’s unmistakable.

This is the power of competition. It shows people where they are strong by also showing them how they are growing. What if there was a way to facilitate the full experience of competition, but in a way that was inclusive by design? Every kind of athlete. Every kind of strength. Everyone.

Enter the ABLE Games.

ABLE Games was created in 2021 as the first competition of its kind—fully inclusive, totally rad, and easily unforgettable. In a CrossFit style competition, athlete pairs tested their fitness across a number of events to ultimately determine the ABLE Games champions. The difference? Every division was represented on the floor simultaneously. Inclusivity in action.

Rather than highlight how athletes are different, ABLE Games seeks to amplify how, with the right support, everybody is capable of feeling strong. And, in 2022, we’re taking things to a new level. We’re bringing back the same spirit of competition that proved inclusion doesn’t have to remain an idea of conversation, but the purpose that draws people together. Coupled with a new venue and competition floor, it’s going to be an epic celebration of fitness.

With just under a week left until registration closes, and a little under a month until game day, here’s how you can get involved to help foster meaningful inclusion:

  1. Sign up to compete. In teams of 2, athletes will test their fitness across 5 workouts. Divisions include RX, Scaled, Novice, and Co-Ability. Full division standards and descriptions can be found here. Register through Competition Corner here.
  2. Sign up to volunteer. Join the team that powers the ABLE Games from behind the scenes. For a full list of volunteer roles and responsibilities, visit this link.
  3. Show up to spectate and support the athletes competing April 9-10. Stay tuned for the official schedule release.

It’s natural to think about competition as an opportunity to get something. A desired competitive outcome. The chance for training to prove itself. Tangible swag or prize money. We love all of these things, certainly. But, ABLE Games is more than an opportunity to get something. It’s an invitation to help create something, too.

In this case, we’re pushing the conventional bounds of what inclusion in competition looks like. Every kind of athlete. Every kind of strength. Everyone.

Greatness isn’t just reserved for those who are afforded a spotlight. It’s the result of many spotlights illuminating a better way forward.

Your place in this feat awaits.