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Connor & Devin McGovern

ABLE Games Scholarship

New to ABLE Games are (5) $1,000 scholarships!  The ABLE Scholarship will be awarded to those that are competing in the ABLE Games. These funds will enable students to further their education or entering another transition in their life that the scholarship can provide support for.  The scholarship will reward (5) deserving students representing and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Scholarship requirements:

  • Registered to compete in the 2023 ABLE Games in the Student Co-Ability Division (as a tiered or baseline athlete)
  • Senior in high school


  • 18 – 21 years old in transitional program


Connor McGovern is an American football center for the New York Jets of the National Football League.  In 2020, Connor and his wife Devin teamed up with TNT Kid’s Fitness, Fargo, ND, to create an inclusive competition named ABLE Games for all abilities to compete side by side, on the same floor, and at the same time!  ABLE Games is in its 3rd year and its popularity continues to grow! The first all-inclusive functional fitness competition. The ABLE Games has made a profound impact on them and the community. Their efforts of starting an inclusive competition have led them and TNT Kid’s Fitness to create a physical education curriculum named, ABLE in School. The curriculum is designed for Peer-to-peer interaction during their physical education class in public or private schools for grades (K-12). This curriculum can be in any size school, community, rural, or urban! To learn more about how ABLE in School can be in your community, please go to


The scholarships for the inaugural recipients will be awarded during the ABLE Games awards presentation.


“The best way to affect lives is through the ABLE Games, Physical Education and Vocation curriculum through ABLE in School.” Connor McGovern

ABLE Scholarship Form

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